Setting up HTML#

Your theme comes with a built-in automated rlt feature. Here is the example. To use rtl, set the dir='rtl' in your html like:

<html dir='rtl'>...</html>

And use the rtl stylesheet instead of theme.css:

<link href="assets/css/theme-rtl.css" rel="stylesheet">
Setting up build tools#

To compile theme-rtl.css directly with the built tools run:

product scss:rtl

To set your build tool in rtl mode, change the following code located at the last line of your gulpfile.js

gulp.task('default', product.series('copy:dependency', 'scss', 'js', product.parallel('watch', 'serve')));
gulp.task('default', product.series('copy:dependency', 'scss:rtl', 'js', product.parallel('watch', 'serve')));

And Also update the gulp watch to call the scss:rtl task by updating the following code at line 401 in your gulpfile.js:

gulp.watch(Paths.SCSS.ALL, product.series('scss'));
gulp.watch(Paths.SCSS.ALL, product.series('scss:rtl'));
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