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Our Project for Research

  • Research NameVulputate Cursus

  • PatientAndrew Bert

  • DepartmentNeurology

  • DoctorDr. Teresa Mayer

  • CategoryNeurology

  • Date25th November 2018

  • LocationBulls Stadium, California

About This Project

At Brigham Research Institute at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), we bring individuals together across departments, who would not have been connected otherwise, such as researchers and physicians in a wide variety of disciplines. Our culture, which involves a large exchange of information within the hospital, has created a collaborative and innovative environment for our researchers and community at BWH.

In order to effectively connect people, the BRI contains 10 research-focused centers that are open to any researcher in this area looking to form collaborations and develop their work through seminar, symposia, funding-opportunities and other resources. The incredible scientific research happening at BWH on a daily basis creates a unique and powerful collaboration among researchers and clinicians.

Caring for Your Dentures

What To Expect

The Cancer Center seeks to promote excellence in basic and translational cancer research at BWH. It strives to foster the interdisciplinary interactions that are necessary to solve central questions pertaining to all aspects of cancer including; pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The Center determines the impact of cancer and its treatment on patient quality-of-life in addition to the larger outside community of scientists, physicians, policy makers and general public.

At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, over 150 principal investigators with more than 200 funded grants investigate cancer-related questions. Patients being treated for cancer fill one-third of our 793 beds. The research hospital setting of BWH provides and encourages frequent collaborations between physicians and scientists. Our cancer investigators are uniquely positioned to facilitate the transfer of the most promising findings to patients at BWH. Juxtaposed, BWH researchers and physicians bring their collective expertise to tackle questions that may enhance our knowledge of cancer prevention, develop and implement new cancer therapies, or improve existing cancer treatments.

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